The global market
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Where does your company stand?

The global market is dramatically changing. New challenges and opportunities are constantly emerging everywhere, but few companies can identify them. Oaktech’s methodology helps companies overcome the barriers to launch successful products and to meet future business and technological needs. Take a look at our approach!


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expanding your sales


going global


scaling business

Oaktech Marketing


Knowing and testing your target audience is vital because it is the targeted audience that determines your overall planning for the promotion of your product
  • Customer dicovery
  • Customer validation
  • Product market fit
  • Go to market

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Successful initial sales lead to a lot of expansion opportunities. This is the result of the intense market research needed to launch your product
  • Business plan
  • Sales funnel
  • Channels and partnerships
  • Sales

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Oaktech Sales

Oaktech Internationalization


At this point, your primary focus should be on integrating your networks, stronger partnerships and spreading them. Once the brand establishes roots in overseas markets, the profits will lead to even greater opportunities
  • Internationalization strategy
  • Tax planning
  • Legal strategy
  • Distribution and operation

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Oaktech Internationalization


Advances in technology are one of the main reasons that globalization has escalated in the past decade. Technological innovations have significant strategic implications for companies and influence business as a whole. You need to put technology at the center of your strategy to be competitive globally
  • Product strategy
  • Cutting-edge technology in your products
  • Agile process to speed up your product launch
  • High level product development team

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Oaktech Technology

Product Acceleration

Our Program

Oaktech’s product acceleration program provides companies with an in-depth and structured process to launch successful products in any market. Our approach is based on proven methodologies that enabled companies such as Google, Facebook, and Netflix to become global leaders.

During the program, your company will acquire a multifaceted view of the market to better understand your opportunities, your competitors, and, most importantly, your consumers. All in all, the program helps you to reduce the time to market and accelerate the time to profit.

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Inspiring stories of companies and products that have gone global.


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